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Wildly Natural Cosmetics

Hey ladies!

I’m so sorry I’ve been off my Tuesday, Thursday schedule last week. I promise this week will be different. :)

I’m starting it off with a review for one of my new favorite lines, Wildly Natural cosmetics.



This is absolutely my favorite color of all time. The name is “Vintage“, and it’s the perfect name for this shadow. While I was applying this pigment to the lid of my eye, I was literally yelling from joy. I was so happy with how beautiful this pigment was. Below is my finished result.

photo2 (1)

I died. I literally love all of the pigments, but this one is just very special to me, I don’t know why. I think it’s because it’s like no other color. It’s brown with a black undertone. Who does that? Like, thank you!!

Also, I had to try putting one of my lips, so naturally I picked a pink color. :) I loved “Valley Girl Eyeshadow“.



How gorg is this color? It’s a soft pink, very light and beautiful. It looks great on lips, and I’m sure it would look just as great on your eyes. :) See below:

photo1 (1)

Honestly, all are beautiful. These are just the two that I wanted to pin point. :D

If you are just dying to get your own (I know you are!), see below for the proper links!

Wildly Natural Cosmetics

Shame on me…


I totally missed this Tuesday’s post, and I probably wont be able to write the posts until Friday!!!!

I’m been so busy, but I have not forgotten you guys. Please stay tuned. :)

xoxo Shelby

Beyonce – Lets talk

How are you ladies?!

I wanted to chat with you about something “non-beauty” related, but more about self-image.
Lets get talking….

Beyonce posted a photo on her Instagram, with a very big “thigh gap”. Many are claiming this is photo shop. I have to start wondering. Where does the line end? When not only do celebrities get their PHOTO SHOOT’s photoshopped, but their personal photos too? When do we stop editing our photos on our phones?

Instagram filters have changed everything in the social media world, but when do we take it as far as professionally getting them edited?


Is Beyonce really self conscious enough to get her personal photos edited? I’m starting to wonder. Many people are saying – “If Beyonce is self conscious of her thighs, there’s no hope for the rest of us!”

This is not true, ladies! What IS true is that someone that seems as confident as Beyonce, might not really be that confident. I think what we should be learning from this is; NO ONE in this world is 100% confident. Ladies, we are learning to be confident every day. Think of the most confident person you know in your life. Even they are insecure. It’s not possible to be 100% happy with ourselves, and who says we have to be right now? It’s a learning process. It’s one day at a time, one step.

Please, don’t think that you need these stereo types such as “thigh gaps”. Not all of these things are healthy, and not all of these things can be possible for your body type. Every body is different, and you need to not do anything that isn’t normal for YOUR body type. You read this all the time, but please understand that you don’t need to be thin to be beautiful. You need to be healthy. That’s all that you absolutely need for your body.

I struggle with this every day.

Please take care of yourselves. I’ve seen too many people go down scary paths, that they never thought they’d end up in. If no one made this conseption that you have to be thin to be pretty, then no one would think that. Can we please try to change the way that people think? Can we please try to except the way our bodies are naturally? Can we please accept different body sizes and shapes? You are UNIQUE. Don’t conform to what people think you should be.

You might be standing alone at first, but know that you aren’t truly alone. There are many women fighting to make their natural frames OKAY in society. I’d rather stand strong and alone, then change myself into the crowd.

“You are you, that’s truer than true. There’s no one alive that is youer than you.” – Dr Suess



Jamie Kelman interview!

unnamed (2)
I had the plesure of talking to Jamie Kelman, an amazing man who has done amazing things in the makeup industry. He also has a sense of humor! He’s someone to admire, because you’ve all seen his work. For all of your future industry professionals, you’re gonna want to clue into Jamie. You’re gonna wanna work with him one day!

How does it feel to have been an “Oscar Nominee”? Just that title itself is such an honor!

I’m nominated?!? Wow! I’m always the last to know!

Actually I think that you think that I was nominated for BAD GRANDPA. While I was one of the four people who applied Johnny Knoxville’s makeup, the Academy deemed that Stephen Prouty was the most responsible person for the Grandpa makeup, and therefore made him the sole nominee for the makeup oscar nomination. I agree with their determination, btw- Steve is the man and deserved the nod. I’m working with him right now on a GOOSEBUMPS feature film. He got the job as lead designer with the clout of his Oscar nomination that you attributed to me. See? I’m there by proxy twice over! He and I did ZOMBIELAND together, and we go way back to sharing ape makeups on Tim Burton’s PLANET OF THE APES (the last time it was done with actual makeups before they took up the digital apes). Steve Prouty and I initially met in a place called ‘Whoville’ back on Ron Howard’s ‘HOW THE GRINCH STOLE XMAS’ (year 2000) working for a makeup legend named Rick Baker. Though it would have been nice to lose at the Academy Awards as a Nominee alongside Steve for BAD GRANDPA, and thusly now be known as an Oscar Nominee, I am however, not an Oscar Nominee. I have some Emmy statues though, does that impress anyone? They are shiny and nice.

unnamed (4)

How did you get into the business?

I got into the movie makeup business by being obsessed with monsters at a young age. They terrified me, and had a crushing grip on my psyche. I couldn’t sleep and had to have mental therapy. When something switched on in my brain and I became old enough (13 years old) to realize that what I was looking at was actually the work of artists, it exploded my brain and made me want to create and therefore control the monsters. I still get off on making monsters, I think it is the coolest thing in the world.

What advice do you have for artists wanting to break into the industry?

Draw, paint and sculpt. Those are the three main disciplines of Special Makeup Effects. Then do that on people’s faces, and never stop learning and doing it until you get paid. Then stop, and drop out of life. Except for that last sentence.

I have to ask, do you ever get nervous working on a new project?

Yes. Who wouldn’t? You are only as good as your last project, and once you embark upon your new last project, you find yourself there upon it.

Do you ever get starstruck? – everyone wants to know.

Yes but rarely. Jack Nicholson is my fav, and I had the great fortune to be near him working on the movie ‘BUCKET LIST’. I couldn’t believe I was within arms length of him. Jeff Bridges is another one— when I met him on ‘IRON MAN’ he needed to shave his head but wasn’t ready to do it. Since I wear my hair mostly shaved off (because I’m balding) he asked to touch my head to see how it felt. It was like Starman reaching out to me and actually grabbing my head. He has those alien eyes. But we hit it off and he took me with him to shoot the teaser for TRON 2. He knew I was a childhood fan and dug that I was passionate about it. That by the way is something I forgot to say in the ‘advise’ question. Be passionate— you cannot defeat passion, it always prevails.

unnamed (3)

You have such admirable movie titles in your resume, how does that feel?

Tingly, is how I feel, but only when acknowledged like you just did. Otherwise I start to feel worried that I look old due to an abundance of credits, and then the industry will force me to retire because I know too much. You get hired more when they can pull the wool over your eyes. I’m serious.

Do you have any favorite makeup applications to perform?

My favorite makeup applications are Character makeups. I love to bring characters to life who only exist in a movie, and who would not exist as they do if it were not for my contribution to the creation of that character. It is an honor to be a filmmaker— movies mean very much to me, and despite the grind of Hollywood, I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity every chance I get to create a cool character for a movie. It’s the stuff dreams are made of— at least my dreams, anyway…..

unnamed (5)


MUFE Flash Palette



Hey ladies!

It’s Shelby here, obviously. I like to state the obvious sometimes.

I wanted to talk to you about something that is geared toward someone who really likes makeup, or wants to be in the industry, or just wants to mix colors and create their own shades of EVERYTHING. This is your magic wand, my friends.

You might be thinking, what am I gonna do with a blue creme? Or, what am I gonna do with a green one? But alas, you must be patient, darlings. I have attached a video below for you to see how this girl mixes these colors to make her SKIN TONE. Yes, I said her skin tone. You can actually make custom foundation with these cremes. Great for working on clients!

You just adjust the colors to make them lighter or darker.

Not ONLY can you make a custom foundation, but you can make a custom lip shade, and use it as a cream blush/contour or creme eyeshadow!

This is a little more advanced, like I said, but it’s perfect for someone who wants to experiment or works on clients. This palette is water resistant, and great on photo.

I highly recommend this product. I am not promoted to say this in the least, this is honestly my new obsession. <3

I used the palette to line my eyes the other day, and here is the result:


I used the light blue and glitter grey shades. I thought it was fun.

Lastly, I wanted to let you guys know that I am officially a red head and loving it!



Do you like it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below! :)

How has your guys’ Spring started off? For me, it’s been great. I’m on Spring Break right now from my Esthetician school, which is amazing. I go to apartment hunt in LA in 4 weeks!! Can you believe it? I’ll be moving in 12 weeks. I might die of happiness.

Anyway, love you guys.

xoxo Shelby

Blogger takeover!

Hey ladies,

Today, I have a guest blogger here to talk about hair products! I haven’t had enough hair posts on my blog, so I’m very happy that she decided to take over and chat about this with you today. :) You’ll love her. Check it out below, and please check out her blog, here!





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Love you guys,
Shelby xoxo